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The day Trav and I got married was the absolute best day of our lives.  It was so beautiful and we still can’t help but smile at each other every time we talk about it.  The day flew by really fast but two moments are frozen in time perfectly in my memory.  The first being the first time we saw each other that day.  It was almost like an overwhelming feeling that… Read More

Guess what?  Today is Thursday which means we are only a one. day. away. from the weekend (yay)!  So I wanted to do a quick post about Glossier – you’ve probably already heard of them but I’ll give you a quick summary if you haven’t.  Glossier was born out of a beauty blog that was founded in 2010 by CEO Emily Weiss.  The company’s mission is to essentially simplify skin care and… Read More

The month of June has come and gone and it’s already JULY which is prettyyy crazy because it means Christmas is only six month away (yay!).  So let’s just skip the small talk today and jump right into this month’s favorites.

It’s been a crazy week but it’s Thursday which means that tomorrow is Friday! Yay! On a day to day basis I usually wear minimal make up and if I do wear more I always gravitate toward just eye make up. In honor of Friday though I thought I’d share in detail what I wear occasionally as a more dramatic make up that’s still simple and classic.